A few years ago when I was in Tokyo for work I often found myself, during my free time, checking out bookstores. On one such visit I picked up a book with the title: “MAKING TRUCK– THIS IS THE ONE: NOTHING BUT TRUCK”
On the cover there was a little f ootnote, “TRUCK FURNITURE” that was presumably described what the book's subject was. Hidden inside it, MAKING TRUCK was filled with the real life story of one couple as told by their family members, sketch books, photos of working spaces, the White Bear Studio, and even their kitchen table and other little objects that surround them.

That was it. The idea of visiting Osaka, Japan's second largest city, and home of Glico Pocky snacks, Evisu jeans and Tadao Ando, the world-renowned architect, was sparked. I finally made the trip to Osaka, feeling inspired and excited about seeing everything that was in the book.
At TRUCK, which consists of a home, studio, warehouse, storefront, and the Bird Cafe built on the same grounds, I met with Tokuhiko Kise, the brains and brawn behind it all. I also met Hiromi, his wife and TRUCK co-founder and some other family members including a 5-year-old daughter, 4 cats and 8 dogs.

Back in 1997 when the couple f ounded TRUCK, they decided to honour the ideas of originality in design and function, by doing everything by hand, from the building of their studio to the furniture produced in it.

“We respect the rustic style of wood, leather, metal, and every material we use.” says Tokuhiko.
TRUCK has 2 books published: MAKING TRUCK and TRUCK WORKS in wh ich both Tokuhiko and Hiromi again do everything themselves, from product and book design, to photo taking.

“We put together the books with photos of simple furniture and things we use in the house, the studio, and the store, to show our customers that TRUCK furniture is practical, high quality and worth having.

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