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Pick up a dusty globe and wipe it clean. It is time to embark on a journey to the end of the earth, a land filled with wonders and mysteries as told about in Tolkien’s epic novels. My destination is New Zealand—an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean with spectacular panoramic scenery. Some people even refer to this island as Middle Earth.

While the rest of the world under the Equator is shrouded in bitter coldness, New Zealand is warmed by the sun. Basking in this sunshine is an area called Canterbury, a home to many ancient towns and beautiful coastal plains. Its biggest city Christchurch, is often regarded as a very “English city” even though it is situated very far from England itself!

Halogen light fixtures are installed inside the cabinet to provide effective and lively lighting. Two brick bears add a fun touch while the black color scheme is used to highlight the anime figures.

The natural environment of Canterbury comprises of vast plains, turquoise-colored lakes, geysers, volcanoes, mudpots,various inlets known as fjords, and the famous snow covered Mount Cook, or as the Maori calls it Aoraki, which means cloud piercer.
This amazing work of nature is unlike anywhere else in the world. Apart from remarkable natural scenery, New Zealand has a fascinating integration of the cultures of local tribes and the Western colonies. Moreover, the Kiwis’ display of friendship and hospitality captured my heart and made me fall completely in love with this beautiful little island country.

Hidden Gems in Canterbury :
Little River

The Maori people believe that Little River is the Gateway to The Banks Peninsula. Little River is located between Christchurch and Akaroa, a village on Banks Peninsula which was created, as a result of volcanic activity, thousands of years ago. For people who like visiting art galleries or sipping a cup of aromatic coffee, Little River is worth a stop.

About 75 kilometers from Christchurch, you will meet New Zealand's “Little French Town”. In the past, this area was home to mainly French immigrants. The place is infused with French and English cultures blended seamlessly together. Akarao is a village on Banks Peninsula which was created,as a result of volcanic activity,thousands of years ago.In addition to the colonial-style architectures and outdoor sports that you may enjoy, there are also adorable sea creatures to see such as dolphins, penguins, and sea otters.

1.Coombe Farm Bed & Breakfast
Address : 18 Old Le Bons Track, Takamatua Valley, RD 1 Akoroa 7581, Bank Peninsula.
This abode at Takmatau (translated as ‘rest after a journey’) offers bed and breakfast in a country-style shepherd hut that incorporates the style and culture of the French, Irish, and the English. I recommend the Shepherd Hut located near a small stream and the English-style garden.

2. The Trading Rooms Restaurant
Address : 71 Beach Road., Akaroa.
The Bistro is a restaurant known for its European cuisine situated near Beach Road. The restaurant offers a wide range of delicacies from local dishes, fresh sea food, French cuisine, and the best wine produced from the vineyards of Akaroa. The top dishes at the Bistro are French onion soup, seafood spaghetti, and baked Akaroa-style lamb hindquarter that are just as good as the Bistros you find in Paris.

Lake Tekapo
This turquoise-colored lake has been hailed as the most beautiful lake in New Zealand. The blue-green color of the lake is said to have been caused by the combination of mineral deposits from the Godley River mixing with the glacier from the Alps.

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