With a renovation plan to turn a shop- house into a new home, these newlyweds made the most out of limited space by opening up one floor and combining a living room, kitchen and dining area all into one open concept space.

Both cooking-loving owners had their cabinetry custom made by Kitchenette, because of the requirements for practical, efficient and space saving design. Cabinets built along the back wall have closed doors for a neat and tidy look, but some open display shelving is nicely incorporated into the design as well.

Stove and hood are centred on the kitchen island allowing workspace on both sides. Under the staircase space is perfectly maximized by housing a fridge, a wine fridge, an oven, a microwave and even extra storage.

Aesthetically styled with a modern concept, a natural color scheme is used to keep the space in simple and serene feeling. The lower cabinets are finished in dark wood paneling while the drawers and doors are finished in a walnut color.

Countertops have a brown synthetic quartz finish. The upper cabinets and under staircase cabinets shine in a high gloss, light cream color which also helps to soften the overall design. All the handles were chosen in complementing stainless colour.

Having quality kitchen appliances is part of the joy this house brings to its home owners, who chose to outfit their kitchen with smeg products.

Two sets of stainless steel single-burner gas cooktops feature dual flame control and provide up to 4,500 watts of power. The ceramic electric cooktop also has two heat zones.

Both cooktops are capable of instant heat and a lower simmering heat. Convenience and -
performan ce are key to fun cooking, so the oven too includes 8 cooking programs while microwave comes with 3 cooking functions.

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