We are counting down to the World Expo 2015, which will be held in Milan from May until October under the theme, “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life.” It’s not surprising that this theme was chosen as food culture is what first comes to mind when thinking of Italy.

At the expo you can expect to find information on the food manufacturing process, food preparation and presentation as well as see technological innovations in the field.

However, what interests me most are the innovations used in the industry. In fact, Italy has been a leader in technological innovation throughout European history.

The city of Turin is home to various industries including Fiat (Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino), Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Olivetti typewriters and the coffee manufacturer Lavazza, just to name a few.

Italians have incorporated various technologies into their food culture for quite some time as they embrace the modern era. One of the most used basic household pieces of Italian technology is non other than the espresso maker, which was introduced during the industrial revolution.

Through time, the Italians have evolved from making the basic stovetop Moka Bialetti model, into coffee making machines used in bars throughout the country, as well as those nice looking automatic coffee making machines for home use. What’s more, there’s one now that scans your fingerprints to make your own personalized cup of coffee.

The latest invention by Lavazza is the Coffee- sphere, a new way of drinking coffee without a cup. Coffee, which is enveloped in a thin membrane, will pop open once in your mouth releasing its full aromatic flavour.

Aside from coffee, Italian technology has been used as well in the creation of the pizza vending machines, which can be found at airports across the country. Passengers, while waiting to board their flights, can enjoy freshly made pizza straught out of the oven.

Unfortunately I have not had the chance to try this pizza, straight from the vending machine as I’m always running late! If you have the chance to visit Italy, whether for leisure or to attend the 2015 World Expo, take note of all the technology around you. You will be astounded how a country so rich in ancient culture has also adapted so well to the digital era.

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