“I don’t cook as long as instant noodles are available”

“An instant life” is perhaps an appropriate term to dub the lifestyle of a home owner who barely has time to cook yet still wants to have a little kitchen to make something quick and easy. If you are basically living off of instant noodles and your joy of cooking is strictly limited to this statement, “I don’t cook as long as instant noodles are available.”, then here is a fun kitchen option for you:
What you need is quite minimal : a microwave for cooking noodles and a fridge for storing and keeping fresh nutritious ingredients such as meat and vegetables. For the interior, go for the industrial look by using black scheme for built in cupboards, an island and a granite countertop. Paint the walls white in an off white shade to add a little contrast to the black. A variety of instant noodle packages can be used to colour up the whole kitchen by stacking them up as a centre pop art piece. Practicality-wise, this kind of kitchen set-up is convenient and time-saving for your busy urban lifestyle.

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