Ciao Bella! Girls, if you are in Italy and haven't been addressed with, “Ciao Bella” by an Italian guy, I would assume you haven't quite “been” to Italy yet.“Ciao Bella” meaning “Hello Beautiful”, is a typical greeting Italian guys throw at girls.
It is pretty much meant as a compliment, with a hint of flirting, depending on the context. Or sometimes it could strike you out of context too like the time an Italian guy yelled “Ciao Bella” at me one evening right around the beginning of winter. The best part is that it was dark, I was on my bike and covered from headto toe. Anyway, I yelled back “Grazie”, Italian for thank you, in return for calling me beautiful, despite the darkness! And don't forget that there are certain places where you will hear lot of “Ciao Bellas”- souvenir shops. Italian sellers get quite friendly, especially towards female tourists, in the hopes of convincing

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