Kitchen Inspiration

To perceive things with their organic imperfections and simplicity, also known as Wabi Sabi, is an aesthetic philosophy in Zen Buddhism. At the heart of Japanese culture, this concept is applied to every aspect of life from basic needs to perspectives towards one's surrounings,

including architectural design. It can be expressed through the appreciation of the rustic beauty of natural form, texture and color. Here, our featured kitchen takes its inspiration from Zen aesthetics by blending a sense of serenity with the natural roughness found in woods and stones. The simple island countertop made of hardy matt-finished black granite creates a versatile space for preparing food and drinks or eating breakfast. The overall design of the kitchen is dominated by beautifully exposed oak wood in light airy colours. Lamps have been opted out of and replaced instead by an art installation made of raw wooden slats, creating a centre piece as well as a place for hiding LED lighting.

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