A kitchen is no longer seen as a messy and uninviting space anymore.

Considering the great efforts put into the design and functionality of new kitchen appliances today, you can easily turn a kitchen into a cozy space for welcoming guests. Despite the fact that a fast growing city population may be limiting people’s living space, the kitchen space still needs to be properly delineated from the rest of the living area.

The use of light-colouredarbour can create a separate kitchen space from other areas.

Building a couple of dark coloured shelves on an empty wall space is also useful extra storage. For the counter top, cover it with bright blue coloured laminate for a funky colour contrast. As mentioned before, today there are a variety of designs of kitchen appliances to use as home decor items. In this kitchen, a soft curvy retro looking smeg refrigerator in a pastel blue colour will fit in perfectly, just as a statement couch that everyone would admire.

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