We are still looking at Swedish design but a bit more closely this time. We previously mentioned in the last issue that The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design or Svensk Form was founded early in 1845 with the mission to promote and safeguard high standards of design. In 1899, Ellen Key, a forward thinker and writer, published an essay illustrating her belief that everyone, poor and rich alike, had the equal right to live in such a homemade beautiful by good design. Key's beauty for all philosophy had an influence on shaping people's appreciation for good quality design including the retail giant IKEA's vision of offering well-designed, functional and affordable home furnishing solutions.

The term “Swedish Grace” was coined to describe simplicity and elegance at the heart of Swedish design which resonates in the lifestyle and design of everyday objects and products.

Now come along with us and take a closer look at the Swedish design experience.

ÖstermalmsSaluhall is a premium food market hall in which to introduce yourself to Swedish culinary culture. Set in a pleasant atmosphere, it offers high quality local ingredients, delicacies and other incredible varieties of food to enjoy.

Hantverk Iris
Hantverk Iris is a Swedish company, legendary for their handcrafted brushes using traditional techniques used going all the way to the 19th Century. All the brushes are beautifully made with natural materials, and available in various designs according to their required use.

Asplund is a Stockholm-based furniture store founded by Michael and Thomas Asplund. Focusing on contemporary design, Asplund offers design loving customers creations from the Asplund collection as well as select products made exclusively for Asplund.

Café Rival : ABBA
Given one owner is Benny from ABBA, Cafè Rival is popular among tourists and locals alike who enjoy a bit of Abba nostalgia. This little cafe is located in the Hotel Rival.

Inside this beautiful rotunda building, Stadbibliotek or the Stockholm Public Library holds a wide variety of international books and materials. It is considered one of the most beautiful public libraries in the world, designed by famous Swedish architect. Erik Gunnar Asplund.

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