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In the city of Verona, Italy lived two feuding noble families, the Capulets and Montagues. Romeo, the son of a Montague, against his family’s wishes secretly attends the Capulet ball where he meets Juliet, the only daughter of a Capulet and they fall instantly in love. Being fully aware of the impossibility of their families mutual hatred, and that Juliet is to be forced into marriage with her suitor Paris, they seek advice from Friar Lawrence. He comes to believe that perhaps the only way to end the age old family feud is through the union of thes two lovers. The next day Mercutio, Romeo’s close friend enters into a duel with Tybalt, a Capulet, on Romeo’s behalf because he refuses to fight his now kinsman. Mercutio is killed.

In a rage, Romeo in turn takes Tybalt’s life. This action results in him being exiled and told never to return to Verona. Juliet seeing that her fate is to marry Paris takes matters into her own hands. She fakes her own death by drinking a potion given to her byFriar Lawrence. The Friar immediately sends a messenger to Romeo to inform him of their scheme. However, luck is not on his side and the message never reaches him. Romeo hearing of Juliet’s death is stricken by grief and so drinks real poison. Moments later Juliet awakens only to find Romeo’s lifeless body next to hers. She then takes Romeo’s dagger and kills herself. Their union in death had surely ended the family feud.

This is the tragic conclusion to the famous tale of love lost, Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare. Each year tourists from all over the world flock to Verona to witness first hand where this tragedy of Romeo and Juleit is played out. I was one of them and made my way to Italy with the anticipation of that the story was true and a part of Verona’s history, only of course to find out that it is in

fact a fiction! An Italian friend told me that the house of Juliet, or Casa di GiuliettainItalian, was actually a house that belonged to the Dell Capello family, who have no relation to the fictional Capulets.

Every year, numerous young couples pay tribute to this picturesque house, which has been made into a museum to represent Juliet’s home. Inside the house and along the walls are thousands of love notes and wishes for love pasted on top of each other, even obscuring the color of the original wall. Visitors can also write letters and emails to Juliet and. This was made possible by the municipality of Verona with the intention of inspiring young lovers.

Although Casa di Giulietta did not meet my expectations, I did find that Verona has much more to offer. There were many interesting churches and beautiful locals which make this small city very charming and nothing short of satisfying for anyone who plans to visit.

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