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The term “Pop Up” sounds like a fun and funky concept which is surprising people everywhere. Everything from fashion spaces to art galleries and eating outlets are embracing this concept.

“STORY” was one of the fabulous pop up projects that pulled both style and space together very well. This tiny restaurant had only three tables yet its friendly vibe didn't make customers shy away from squeezing together for a yummy bite. The restaurant decor was simple, yet well thought out by using actual ingredients and personal items to do up the limited space. The pizza-only menu offered a variety of toppings. The pizzas had lovely light and thin crusts, served on a personal sized chopping board. All ingredients were organically grown. The drink menu varied greatly.

Labelling something a “pop up” means the space comes and goes. “STORY” is already past history on London’s Sclaterstreet…. But wait! Their new project just popped up at a new location on 3Redchurch Street. Better enjoy it while it lasts.

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