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If you see someone sporting a perfectly made up beard and hair to match, who wearshis polo shirt with a turned up collar, has a sweater tied around his shoulders, andkeeps his sunglasses on even in the shade, your best bet is that you’ve come acrossan Italian.

Italy is not only famous for its big fashion brands, but it is also well known for itswell-dressed citizens when compared to other countries in Europe. Italians are veryfashion conscious. It is not strange in Italy for a young man to take an hour dressing upto casually go out, and up to 2 to 3 hours to look and smell his best for a special

I was fortunate enough to stay in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. Here, peopletend to be more stylish than in other regions. The reason may be because Milan is alsoItaly’s business capital, hosting many events throughout the year so that its residentshave even more reasons to look outstanding. With the various events taking placerelating to design whether it be in fashion, products or plants, the people of Milan haveendless sources to draw their inspiration from when it comes to style and needless tosay, have developed a knack on how to mix and match their garments. Teens,however, are quite a contrast. They dress more simply and look quite alike in theirjeans, t-shirts and sports shoes. What impressed me most was how the elderly folksdress. One could often see the remnants of what was left behind from past eras ofhaute couture in their style.

The media no doubt plays a big role in influencing the Italian moda. The year’s colourtrend is announced on TV to the public during prime time. Bi-annual sales events arealso broadcasted to get the people into the spirit of shopping for new designs to add totheir wardrobe.

The Notte Bianca dei Saldi or the white night of sales, features variousshops across the country open unti 2am. Prior to the big day sales are actuallyofficiated as avid shoppers fill up the streets for their big night to splurge on style.

Here are a few tips on how to dress like an Italian:
• Avoid wearing two-piece garments with similar colour tones
• Your socks must match your shirt and your bag must match your shoes. If you arewearing a single piece garment, match the colour of your accessories.
• Your shoes must always look new.
• You must never wear sports shoes with a Coat.
• Never go around town in sports attire.
• Accessories with the brand name printed on them should be kept to a minimumalwaysavoiding big logos.
• When deciding to wear contrasting coloured clothing, pay attention to the season.
• When in doubt, wear classic colours such as grey.
• You must never wear garments inappropriate to the season.
• Wear black in winter and bright colours for the summer.

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