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After months of anticipation, April has finally arrived and the long awaitedSongkran holiday. While living in Italy, I couldn’t wait for April to come around also. Not that I was going on holiday or anything, but I was looking forward to hearing the voices of Thai vacationers in the streets of Milan so that I would feel less homesick.

To the Italians, April is another working month. Winter has just ended and the welcoming breezes of spring have begun. The sun is often shining and flowers are blooming as the city comes alive with people enjoying the outdoors. Various events and happenings can be checked out throughout the city.

August is the hottest month of the year and the time to take a break from work as the Italians set off for summer vacation, often to go traveling. Expect emails and phones to go unanswered from the end of July until end of August for most will take around 30 days leave. However, in recent years with the slowing economy, people are taking less days off. Some have reduced their vacation time to only a week as a result of their tighter budgets.

Italians love the sea. Thailand used to be the dream destination for many Italians. The trend has now changed. Today, many are traveling to the Maldives and Morocco. Having said that, the all time favorites are still in their home country. Calabria, Sicily, and the region of Puglia are at the top of the list when it comes to amazing beaches and fresh and affordable seafood.

Along with planning ahead and saving up for their vacation, lots of Italians also get their physiques prepared to hit the beaches as well! Swarms of young men and women can be spotted at the gyms from April onward toning up their bodies for showing off their latest swimwear. For those who are undecided where to go this summer, southern Italy is well worth a visit.

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