The last time I was in this tiny country, situated at the souther tip of the Malay PeninsulaIt was several years ago.

In my memory Singapore was always not much more than a clean country loaded with department store after department store, modern architecture and giant rain trees.

Recently however, people around me started to speak differently about Singapore, saying how it has changed into an artsy and cool little city worth rediscovering. This had me curious. I had to see the changes for myself so I decided to go on a 3 day/2 night trip and pay this tiny country a revisit:

Naumi Hotel
Naumi Hotel is a state of the art boutique hotel designed with the theme Your Personal Luxury Hotel and contains 73 carefully designed rooms for travelers to relax in privacy. For those who fancy classical luxury one should not miss NaumiLiora Boutique Hotel located in the 150 - year old Pernakan - styled building on KeongSaik Road, Chinatown district.

Address :41Seah Street, Singapore 188396

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