When talking about modern day cosmetic about human’s desire for beauty along with research into trends that makes it no different from any other art or design field. We cannot deny today’s longing for physical beauty and the pursuit to attain perfection is definitely within reach.

In 2015 the Eastern beauty standard still focuses on having porcelain skin especially around the apple of the cheeksand forehead. Korean stars, with their dewy skin complexions are the ideal.

The V-shaped face is still much desired but the new trend is toward having a heart- shaped V, which means fuller cheeks and a nicely shaped chin to create a youthful look and where a line can be drawn starting from the curve of the cheeks all the way down to the tip of the chin. This is considered the perfect heart shaped face in 2015. Often the problems that get in the way of a perfect heart shaped V include:

Prominent muscles around the jaw line which create squared a shaped face as seen in Thai women. Mid-face region has no dimension and lacks fullness, which is very common in East Asians.

A small chin that is not proportional to the face. A well-proportioned face should have equal distances starting from the hairline to between the brows, from the brows to the tip of the nose and from the nose to the chin. The distance from the nose to the upper lip should be equidistant to the lower lip to the chin.

No matter what the beauty trend is all doctors agree that timeless beauty that surpasses any trend lies in having good health. Therefore before you consider updating your outer beauty to meet the latest trends, don’t forget to take care of your inner beauty as well.

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