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Milton Glaser :
The godfather of graphic design

Born in 1929 in Bronx, Milton Glaser went to school at the High School of Music and Art in New York and later received a Fulbright scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy.Glaser is one of the most celebrated figures in American graphic design, best known for the famous design of the I NY logo he donated to use in a tourism campaign for New York City.The logo is widely recognized all over the world and has appeared on all kinds of different souvenirs.

It is described as the world's most-imitated logo. Years later, in commemoration of the 9/11 attacks, Glaser re-designed his iconic logo, reading “I Love NY More Than Ever” with a black mark on the red heart symbolizing the World Trade Center site.

Glaser's many well-known works also include the psychedelic poster art for Bob Dylan's album. He also founded the revolutionary Push Pin Studios and New York Magazine. Cited as the godfather of graphic design, Glaser received the 2009 National Medal of Arts from President Barack Obama.

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