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The Life of Louis Kahn
Born circa 1901-1902 into a poor family in Estonia, Louis Kahn's exact birth record was unclear due to the process of his family emigration to Pennsylvania, USA. At age 3, he was badly burned in an accident that left a scar on his face for the rest of his life. As a result, he kept himself isolated and started devoting his childhood to playing the piano and drawing.

With talented drawing skills, he earned a scholarship in architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, his early career was something of a struggle as hewas not interested in the prevailing trend of the time which utilized glass and metal. Kahn did not find his distinctive architectural style until he was in his fifties when he was working for the American Academy in Rome. He was hugely inspired by the ruins of ancient buildings. He adopted this monumental architectural style using an integration of structure, geometry, natural lights and brick and concrete material. Khan's design projects such as the Jonas Salk Institute, Kimbell Art Museum, and The Capital Complex in Dhaka received renowned recognition worldwide andbecame very influential among architects in the late 20th century.

Unfortunately, Kahn's devotion to work made his personal life complicated and unsuccessful. He had three children from three different women. In 1974, a dead man was found in Pennsylvania station. All the details on his passport were crossed out. Three days later, the police were able to identify that man as Louis Kahn, who had died of a heart attack. The reason for why he crossed out his identification remains unknown.

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