Summer Sense
Here come the first warming rays of the morning sun felt on your eyelids that mark the arrival of summertime. No matter how searingly hot it is outside, summer is a time to have fun, go on vacation, get recharged and let the sunshine heighten all five of your senses. This Persmegtive edition would be great company to bring along. It is filled with vacation-friendly contents, from an eye- catching Marilyn Monroe painting by pop art icon Andy Warhol, to the flavorful original sound tracks to the movie: Rice Rhapsody and from the tempting smells of Andy Warhol Cafe’s Pop Art-themed foods to the refreshing taste of Overtime Chef’s beat-the-heat dessert recipe, Blueberry Lemon Parfait.

For those who have not picked a vacation destination yet, Ploy Malikamas continues to take you on a voyage discovering the charms of Sri Lanka, part II.

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