“What happens to us if we have no love or passion for what we do?” These were the words from Kak-ka-Gown, the film that changed my life forever. It all started 10 years ago back in Thammasat when I was helping a friend out with a film for his thesis. I was to play Pheuak, a playboy and friend of the protagonist in a film called Kak-ka-Gown. Although it had very low attendance, one of the few who saw the film was director Tong BunjongPisanyathanakul. He was not impressed with the movie, but he liked my character, Pheuak. Not very long after that, he asked me to audition for a role in one of his new movies. That paved my way to becoming Pheuak in Si Phraeng, Pheuak in Ha Phraeng and finally in PheuakPhrakanong.

Looking back I often laugh at myself. I still cannot not believe that I was able to get myself a role in Kak-ka-Gown. But what I know for sure is that it was the first stepping-stone for me and even for some others towards a career they would love. The person in charge of costumes has now become a senior fashion editor while the cameraman has become quite successful and the director is now directing awarding winning commercials and I have become the actor that everyone knows today. The important lesson I learnt from this film is to never be caught up in the outcome of anything as long as you do that thing with passion. Know that doing so often brings you one step closer to your dreams.

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